Delivery of secure virtual applications and desktops

Optimized server virtualization for any workload on data centers

Solve the problems of data centers in today’s business
Citrix XenServer is the leading virtualization management platform, optimized for applications, desktops and server virtual infrastructures. Consolidation and retention of loads in XenServer allows organizations (regardless of specialization and size) to transform their computing infrastructure.

Additional examples of use

XenServer is an integrated server virtualization platform with built-in enterprise-class features, which allows you to easily manage different types of workloads, mixed operating systems and storage or data exchange configurations. Record scalability and performance under load conditions allow you to service the largest XenApp or XenDesktop deployments for the most demanding application virtualization applications and desktops. IT departments benefit from features unique to XenServer, such as improved virtualized graphics based on NVIDIA and Intel and enhanced application security through the Direct Inspect API, which reduce the complexity and cost of virtual infrastructure.
XenApp and XenDesktop license holders can apply these product licenses directly to the XenServer infrastructure through a license server; A separate or specific XenServer license is not required.

XenServer enables IT departments to consolidate and maintain a significant number of data center servers. This increases the total consumption of existing hardware resources, while reducing the total cost of ownership of the infrastructure. Administrators can maximize efficiency within their infrastructure, eliminating planned downtime and minimizing the number of unplanned outages. Complex server consolidation and localization of XenServer also allows to achieve significant increase in the performance and capacity of CPU cores, host RAM, RAM and virtual machine disks (VMs), and also integrates with Microsoft Windows update services to automatically update drivers on a Windows VM.

enServer 7 is the leading hypervisor supporting high-performance, improved 3D graphics with the widest choice of end-to-end and virtualized graphics processors. Only XenServer includes support for Intel’s virtual graphics technology (GVT-g), a graphics processor built into the CPU, which does not require additional hardware to cope with the increased load.
Support for XenServer NVIDIA GRID vGPU extends to graphics applications and Linux desktops. With the latest integration of the NVIDIA GRID Maxwell hardware, the vGPU sessions on the host increased to 128.