Provide the most complete solution for enterprise mobility management

EMA Radar ™ has recognized Citrix as a value leader in managing mobile security for securing corporate IT resources with Citrix XenMobile.

Manage all your mobile devices

Expand Citrix XenMobile in just a couple of hours and get full access to mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), secure network gateway, and to enterprise applications to enhance mobile performance in one integrated solutions for enterprise mobility management. XenMobile enhances the user experience on personal and corporate devices without compromising security. Let Citrix and our partners help you manage your XenMobile environment.

Additional examples of use

The ability to share mobile devices and applications

XenMobile provides the ability to configure and manage mobile devices that can be shared by multiple users. The device sharing function, for example, allows clinicians in hospitals to use any nearby device to access applications and data, rather than carrying a separate device. You may also want employees working in shifts at sites such as law enforcement, retail and manufacturing to use common devices to reduce equipment costs.
With XenMobile devices and public applications are safe. IT departments can apply security policies depending on the role of each user in the organization, and protect devices by binding each device to a specific network ID. Such an approach may reduce the interest of device thieves. Protected devices also increase productivity in many scenarios, for example when managing inventory or preparing for a visitor and booking orders on the beach at the hotel.

Secure the company's own applications and vendor applications

The Citrix MDX Toolkit is a simple and powerful development toolkit (SDK) that provides security for any mobile application. The MDX library can be embedded into the company’s own application using a single line of code. Container technology MDX SDK provides mobile applications with features such as data encryption and micro-VPN.
If you are using third-party applications, visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace website for a large collection of ready-to-use applications protected by Citrix MDX technology.