Virtualisation with XenApp

Virtualisation Guru’s are the experts in design and implementation of Citrix XenApp. Citrix XenApp allows for on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows application to be virtualised, centralised, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device.

Compared to traditional application deployment technology, virtual application delivery with XenApp enables organisations to improve application management by:

  • Centralising applications in the datacenter to reduce costs
  • Controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security
  • Delivering applications instantly to users anywhere

Virtualisation Guru’s can also assist you in packaging your applications and deploying these to your Xenapp servers and work with your orgaisation to implement load-balancing, application publishing and applying policies that suit your business requirements.

The best news is that Virtualisation Guru’s are Citrix certified on ALL Citrix products! not only that but we can even build out a complete new VMWare environment for you to completely host all your infrastructure on VMWare’s Hyper-Visor technology.

Virtualisation Guru’s are Citrix and VMWare Certified so you can be confident that we have the technical expertise and knowledge to make your implementation work for your organisation.