Auditing Services

With company acquisitions and reconciling company assets this can be a major exercise for any large or small business. You maybe also considering rolling out Windows 7 on XenDesktop or/and combination of XenDesktop and XenApp.  Virtualisation Guru’s have for a number of organisations performed audits to allow the businesses to gauge how they can resourcefully use their pc and mobile assets.

Unnecessary expenditure and a wasteful use of resources is a common problem faced by IT teams managing a large number of servers, PCs, mobile devices and the software they host. These are often spread out across multiple locations, making it extremely difficult to keep a track of IT assets including redundant machines, licenses and other peripheral devices.

Virtualisation Guru’s can perform a complete Inventory Audit of all the hardware and software you employ within your extended Infrastructure. This might be anything from underused machines that could be virtualised, eliminating their running costs, thus consolidating  multiple servers into a single host or hosts on VMWare and/or single Blade solution which will significantly reduce power consumption, support and maintenance costs.

Virtualisation Guru’s inventory audit service will present audit reports where savings could be potentially gained resulting in decrease of running costs of your IT infrastructure and centralise the operations.

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