Delivery of secure virtual applications and desktops

Provide employees with secure remote access, while reducing the cost of the IT infrastructure

Only Citrix offers a complete solution for virtual applications and desktops, which will satisfy all your needs on a single, easy-to-deploy platform. Give employees the freedom to work where they want, while reducing IT costs. Deliver applications of Windows, Linux, Web applications and SaaS applications or completely virtual desktops to employees anywhere, on any device.

Additional examples of use

Over 100 million people use Skype for business in work-related communication. According to Microsoft, 79% of corporate clients in the US use or plan to use Skype for business for telephone communication, and three out of four Citrix customers using unified communications have chosen Skype for business.
Without due consideration and optimization planning, users of virtual applications and desktops will most likely find that the user experience in Microsoft Skype for business is not at a proper level, but Citrix has a solution. XenApp and XenDesktop include a real-time HDX optimization package developed with the support and approval of Microsoft, which allows you to publish Skype for business as a virtualized application or as part of a virtual desktop – with the same performance as a locally installed application.

Citrix DesktopPlayer extends the benefits of XenDesktop to users of personal devices and corporate laptops, allowing you to run virtual Windows desktops on Windows or Mac devices online, offline or with a slow or unstable network connection. Centralized management capabilities for the Type 2 hypervisor include automatic provisioning, patching (one patch for many users), policy management based on the user’s role, which provides comprehensive management of the IT infrastructure.

DesktopPlayer for Windows and Mac provides protection for virtual computers and reduces the risk of data loss for mobile laptop users through functions such as temporary blocking, expiration policies and remote data deletion. Thanks to these functions, confidential information in the virtual desktop will remain secure even if the device is lost or stolen.

Splitting applications into layers is the best way to separate applications from the operating system in order to ensure unified management of them and their delivery from any custom computing solution to any device. Application compatibility is one of the most important criteria for the practical use of any solution for partitioning applications into layers.
Citrix App Layering offers a full-featured technology for partitioning applications into layers. This improves compatibility by splitting the entire Windows workstation into modular virtual disks, including the Windows operating system itself (the OS layer), applications (application layers), and a permanent layer for recording all user settings, applications, and data. Take advantage of the most scalable and functional solution for partitioning applications into layers, which makes it easy to navigate to the cloud by managing just one application application when deployed on both the consumer side and the cloud.

Modern mobile employees have higher requirements for providing secure access to business-critical high-performance applications and Linux desktops from any device. These Linux resources are important for many industries, for example, those in which research and development activities in the design of microcircuits are conducted or numerical calculations for financial and scientific modeling, and also for those where engineers and developers are provided with their own applications only for Linux.
XenApp and XenDesktop provide users with secure access to business-critical specialized Linux desktops from non-Linux-based devices. IT administrators can manage applications and desktops, both Windows and Linux, using a single console to reduce complexity and improve the return on investment in infrastructure, avoiding the need to purchase new hardware.

The companies engaged in design and production use a new approach to the IT infrastructure. Instead of installing CAD applications on expensive high-performance workstations, they transfer desktops, applications, and data to data center and cloud vendors, where they can be accessed securely by users, regardless of their location. Applications and desktops operate centrally on virtual or physical machines, allowing people to work with any device of their choice – even on a tablet. Network optimization provides the same user experience as a traditional high-performance PC, regardless of the type of access.
The most complete and efficient solution for virtualization of 3D applications is offered by Citrix, a long-term leader in the field of virtualization and mobile work style. Available on any device, the solution provides compression and acceleration technologies to optimize professional applications for working with 3D graphics in networks with low bandwidth and high latency. Designed for seamless integration and proven in demanding production environments, the Citrix solution combines performance, simplicity and manageability that are unmatched in the field of point solutions and phased strategies.

Today, web applications have become an integral part of the IT strategy of many organizations, but web browsers can create many of the same problems that arise with any Windows application, starting with compatibility issues and ending with frequent updates. To simplify the delivery of special browser applications to the user, regardless of the selected browser, Citrix offers a Secure Browser. Secure Browser is a virtual browser that allows the IT department to provide secure remote access to Web applications and SaaS applications without configuring endpoints.
Secure Browser allows users to select any browser without the need for the IT department to test each type, version or plug-in. This is especially important in connection with the expansion of the range of devices used in the workplace, including mobile devices equipped with their own browsers, which often disrupt the operation of web applications.

Get rid of the problems and complications associated with migration to Windows 10, thanks to the solution for virtual desktops