Secure synchronization and file sharing for mobile business

File sharing

Simplify collaboration in and outside the organization
Provide true enterprise-class data security for mobile users while at the same time providing control to the IT department. Your customers will be able to access, synchronize and safely share files anywhere and on any device. Automate feedback and reconciliation workflows to simplify work and maximize productivity.

Additional examples of use

Virtualization of desktops and applications gives employees the ability to access applications and data regardless of where they work. Employees need to have access to files, easily synchronize and share them safely from any device used. The use of unauthorized consumer file-sharing services creates a serious security risk and leads to non-compliance with standards and requirements.

ShareFile complements the virtualization of desktops and applications as part of a comprehensive mobile workplace, giving you the ability to reduce storage costs and improve the efficiency of file synchronization in virtualized environments. The IT department can provide a secure synchronization and file-sharing service for the enterprise class, providing work similar to consumer solutions, as well as advanced business functionality to facilitate rapid deployment.

Mobile devices and BYOD policies (using employee personal devices) have provided unprecedented flexibility for enterprises, allowing users to work together, access information and solve important tasks at any time from virtually anywhere. However, the flexibility of mobile users also creates unprecedented security threats, such as the use of personal data exchange applications by employees or the violation of security requirements for mission-critical corporate data. The success of modern mobile employees depends on their ability to securely access files from any device and anywhere.
ShareFile is a solution for secure synchronization and file sharing, which is flexible enough to meet the corporate demands of BYOD. Employees get the flexibility needed to use any device and gain access to everything they need, from the office or remotely, and IT departments can still support corporate security policies.

ShareFile offers a number of strategic integrations that complement your implementation and allow you to provide additional functions for users. Choose a third-party ecosystem, such as Microsoft or Salesforce, and access documents and ShareFile data directly inside the application without the need for additional logon. Users can create documents, work with them and exchange them without having to copy or move documents.
ShareFile also integrates with Citrix XenMobile, allowing users to access, synchronize and safely share files from any device with people inside and outside the organization. XenMobile provides mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and enterprise applications to improve performance in a single integrated solution. ShareFile is included in licenses for XenMobile Enterprise, and can also be supplied as a separate solution for secure synchronization and corporate file sharing (EFSS).

Why ShareFile?

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