For the 10th year Citrix is recognized as the leader in the field of application delivery controllers (ADC)

Ensure trouble-free operation, and also perfect application performance with NetScaler ADC

Удостоенный наград контроллер ADC, созданный с применением подхода, основанного прежде всего на ПО, предназначен для доставки приложений в гибридных и многооблачных архитектурах с глубокой видимостью с целью обеспечения исключительной комфортности при работе с приложениями.

Virtualisation guru’s have over the years have designed and implemented successfully Citrix Netscaler both MPX and VPX, and you may ask why Netscaler? Well. there are number of reasons but majority of organisations implement Citrix Netscaler - Application Delivery Controller ADC) –

- Cut the cost of delivering applications by reducing the number of servers required to serve a given number of end users.

- Cut Internet bandwidth costs by reducing web application bandwidth requirements through web traffic optimisation.

- Radically improve security and resiliency.

- Organisations require their applications in dual sites local and cloud-based data centers to optimise resources. Citrix NetScaler offers real-time analytics and end-to-end visibility of your entire application infrastructure—regardless of where the applications reside.

- Speed and tuning. Citrix Netscalers offers organisations the ability to fine tune traffic to backend servers, by using a number of “Off-Loading” technologies where the initial incoming traffic for the Internet is securely and efficiently passed to the correct backend server.

To help you understand the Citrix Netscaler funamentals, we have put together some information.

1. A Load Balancer

Load balancing is an effective tool for sharing a workload or providing system resiliency. Load balancing is just what it sounds like, taking a single workload (serving up email, webpages, incoming internet traffic, etc.) and dividing that work up among several backend virtual servers to either improve performance, making sure no single one server is overloaded, and to provide resiliency, making sure your email, webpage, users applications are still available in case there is service outage

2. A Server Health Monitor

In a load balancing scenario we want backend applications and to ensure every user gets the best possible experience, we need to know the state and the health of the servers that we are balancing the traffic for. If one of the servers is not healthy, we want our Application Delivery Controller to be intelligent enough to limit or even suspend traffic it sends to that server is redirected in a timely manner so there is little or no impact on the service.

3. A Middleman Offloading TCP Connections (TCP Multiplexing)

Depending on the business you run there could be hundreds of thousands of hits to your website or front end infrastructure, and there maybe even hundreds or thousands a second deliberate packets of rogue data being sent to your organisation. NetScaler defends against cyber threats both on premises and in the cloud with full application security capabilities. Netscaler includes web application firewall which will protect against a complete DDoS (Denial of service) protection ability to identify incoming traffic and provide identity and access management.

A Netscaler feature - TCP Multiplexing allows a NetScaler to make regular a quick checks to see if it has an existing connection can be used instead of creating a brand new connection each time. The ADC will act as the middle man to efficiently pass the connection on to the least loaded backend server, so no single server over whelmed with information resulting in a better user experience on performance and speed.

4. A Middleman Offloading the Wrapping/Unwrapping of Secure Traffic (SSL Offload)

SSL (Secure sockets layer) off-loading is also a feature similar to the one above, however when a connection is made from your end users who are using Certificates, their data is secured using certificates with is encrypted until such time it arrives to its destination. On arrival the data has to be dissembled against matching SSL keys and a number of checks are carried out this takes time and resources to execute given the many millions of potential requests, per second, by moving this to ADC this allows the reduction on bandwidth and in turn gives them capacity potentially reducing the number of backend servers needed but at the same time ensuring theier is end to end security and encryption.

5. A Middleman Centralising & Offloading User Authentication from Application Servers

In an effort to offload any tasks from backend servers that introduce overhead and may have a negative risk impacting end user experience, ADC’s can manage all user authentication. The ADC becomes responsible for verifying and completing authorised user authentication instead of the application server, this allows the application servers where users resources reside to efficiently deliver applications.

6. Improving Application Performance

NetScaler’s improve application performance by compressing the web traffic to get more data, using Caching to store some frequently used data os the access time is quicker whilst new cache is added or updated for the end users.

7. Is a Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB)

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is a feature that once configured will allow organisations to load balance their applications across multiple data centers and/or across any geography, Virtualisation guru’s have implemented GLSB in organisations that have active – active and active – passive infrastructure, to ensure organisation have maximum uptime and mitigate financial loss.

Service Providers by definition offer their applications and other capabilities to many different customers simultaneously. Virtualisation guru’s have designed and implemented ADC with multiple tenants, which allows a single NetScaler to have multiple Application Delivery Controllers (vADC’s) configured within the appliance, effectively segregating traffic whilst improving end user response times for services offered by third party suppliers.

More details on the use of NetScaler

  • Create a more profitable network of mobile operators
  • Increase the productivity of applications for mobile employees, as well as employees working remotely and in branches
  • Consolidate multiple solutions for remote access
    Increase the productivity and quality of Skype for business
  • Secure delivery of any enterprise application